Battlemech Training Academy

Driver training- Road Rage Now Included!

T-ksssh T-ksssh T-ksssh Pew Pew-pew

Take command of up to 100 tons of giant stompy Battlemech goodness. Maybe you played BattleTech back in the day or had experienced the game on the computer playing Mechwarrior or MWO. This will be either a fun refresher or an easy going and comprehensive tutorial of the current boardgame's format. This is an active player participation demo. Meaning that as you learn the game you will help other players You will select your mech to play and will be shown all the basics of this almost timeless game of armoured combat.


We will provide all you need and more to play and enjoy this game. Painted minis, 3D terrain, instruction/rules, record sheets, pens, paper, dice (you can bring your lucky ones just make sure we can read them), markers, game aids, etc.

Game Master: Derek van Kessel
System: battleTech
Advisory: Must love 'bots
event_seat Maximum Players: 5