Burrowed Time

Fantasy Adventure in a World of Intelligent Rabbits

The Warren has come down with a mysterious disease, can you find the cure before it's too late?

The secluded den of your warrens has acted as a surrogate womb for the affiliation of rabbits you call your own. The relative safety of this inner sanctum has provided shielding from the harsh realities of nature, as well as supplying all the necessary tenements of a industrious society.

However, that has come to a close. Over the past two weeks almost all of the herd has become deathly ill. The only remaining healthy rabbits can be counted on two paws, however there is hope. The elder Brighteyes has had a vision, and claims that there is another den that has found a cure! Giving your group some basic directions and food, he sends you on your way.

Will you be able to find your way to the den?

Will your warren survive?

Will you survive the journey?

Pre-made rabbits provided, beginners welcome!

Game Master: Karl Schroder
System: Bunnies and Burrows
Advisory: Violence
event_seat Maximum Players: 7