Death House - A Curse of Strahd Mini-Dungeon

Can you survive the night?

Pick a pre-made or bring your own level 1 character and see if you can survive in Dungeons and Dragons' legendary horror setting!

Death House is a level 1-3 dungeon from the official D&D Fifth Edition Curse of Strahd campaign module. It is intended as both an introduction to D&D5e and to the Ravenloft setting as a whole. In the dark of night, the player characters find their camp encroached by a sinister mist that forces them into the dark realm of Ravenloft. Fleeing the mist, they quickly find themselves coming to the aid of two mysterious children who have fled their home in fears of a "monster" in the basement. With nowhere else to run but into the looming manion from which the children fled, the adventurers soon find out that there is more to the mansion, the children, and the mysterious "monster" than meets the eye. The greater module is a high-tension fantasy-horror campaign, and this dungeon is no different.

Pre-made characters will be available, both for starting off and to replace heroes who fall victim to "unfortunate accidents" in the house, but players are welcome to bring a level 1 character of their own (standard point buy stat array) and put them to the test.

Game Master: Nick Godbout
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Advisory: None
event_seat Maximum Players: 7