Hunter The Vigil - Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm

Are there any good hunters?

In the distance, it all seems quiet. What could possibly go wrong?

The characters approach the perimeter of Blackmoon Farm. At first, all is quiet but for the sounds of the fields and forests around them.

Night has fallen. Clouds wreathe the moon, then engulf it. The shapes of the farm buildings up on the rounded knoll look like dark cutouts pasted against a matte blue midnight sky. It’s peaceful. Pastoral. Nothing could be wrong here, could it?

Then: a gunshot. A scream. A child’s cry. Hissing shadows gather with blinking yellow eyes, and incomprehensible whispers drift down across the swaying grasses… You came figuring this would be easy. But now…

Now, it looks like it’s going to be a bad night at Blackmoon Farm.

Game Master: Randy Crockett
System: Chronicles of Darkness
Advisory: Horror Themed
event_seat Maximum Players: 7

Spring Mini Con 2018 Schedule

Session 3 -

3:30pm to 6:30pm event_seat 1